These are some projects I am working on or have worked on in the past. Everything that I consider a project can be listed here.

    Active Projects

  • Helium

    - Social music app with a realtime backend written in Elixir / Phoenix
  • MarkRight

    - Markdown editor written in clojurescript, om and electron
  • sublimious

    - spacemacs inspired config system for sublime text written in python
  • proton

    - spacemacs inspired configuration system for atom written in clojurescript

    Inactive Projects

  • exkit

    - framework for writing cross browser extensions
  • proxmate next

    - rewritten version of ProxMate in modular coffeescript. Allows installation of modular 'proxy packages' available on
  • proxmate

    - cross browser proxy extension for unblocking websites. peaked with 500k users
  • facebook friendtrackr

    - facebook app for finding people that deleted/added the user
  • Moody

    - osx app to use the current spotify song as skype mood